XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLX000 v2.4.0 - Dashboard v2.4.0!   /  Service uptime: 4 days 12:39:35
XLX000 & YSF 18145
This reflector is DCS - - DExtra (XRF) - YSF (C4FM) on "Y"
DMR<>DMR any module. NO TRANSCODING so please choose one not in use by DSTAR
This node has never been afilliated with the original DCS system MODULE A is not connected to them.-sponsored by NO9S
DPlus (REF) has been disabled! Too many users connecting with out SSID and trying to listen with out connecting to a specific module.

Part of the ARRG.US Array.

I have never received a "Thank You" or contribution from anyone that uses this reflector regularly
for having this reflector on line (6 years and counting). I guess my time and money is taken for granite.
I will have to make it a closed server to those who participate in keeping it up.
ARRG.US is a small club with little or no funding, other than from my pocket. These members will continue to have full use.

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xlx at xlxreflector.org